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Media Travel Information

Resolute Support does NOT organise transportation in and out of Afghanistan.

If your embed (or special accommodated status) is approved, you will receive an Invitational Travel Order (ITO), which will allow you to travel on Resolute Support conveyances to, from and during your embed. Read this document thoroughly.

When available, embedding media will be authorized food, lodging and help with in country travel arrangements. Some locations have short term billeting available for journalists En route to or returning from embed. Embedding media should plan on commercial lodging if their flights arriving to or departing from Afghanistan do not synchronize with their embed dates. Media with embeds approved for TAAC-Capital or units based in Kabul are expected to make their own commercial lodging and transportation arrangements within the city.

Please remember all media are required to have their Resolute Support Media Badge credentials visible at all times and have a copy of their signed media ground rules on file while embedded.

Please look over the recommend packing list before arrival to Afghanistan.

Note: Keep in mind media will be responsible for carrying their own equipment and it is recommended to travel light.

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