TAAC West Commander

Brig. Gen. Salvatore Annigliato (ITA)


Brigadier General Salvatore ANNIGLIATO was born in Naples on 11 June 1966.

Enlisted in September 1986, he graduated from the Italian Military Academy of Modena and subsequently, after attending the Application School in Turin from 1988 until 1990, he was commissioned as an Infantry Officer.

The first assignment was at the 231st Infantry Battalion in Avellino.

In 1995, as a pilot, he joined  the Army Aviation. He served, as commanding officer in the following Units:

- 25th Group "Cigno" of the 7th Army Aviation Regiment "Vega" in Rimini (2007-2009);
- Helicopter Task Force "Ercole" of the Multinational Brigade West during operation "Joint Enterprise" Operation in Kosovo (2008);
- 7th Helicopter Regiment "Vega" (2011-2013);
- "Fenice” Task Force during the "ISAF" Operation in Afghanistan (2012-2013).

As Staff Officer, he served at:

- 3rd UK Division in Great Britain (2004-2006);
- Italian Army General Staff - General Planning and Financial Department - Planning Office (2006-2007);
- Defense General Staff 3rd Department - Concepts Development Office of the Defense Innovation Center as Chief of the Cognitive Superiority Section (2009- 2011).

In April 2013 he was appointed as Head of Logistic Coordination Office at the 4th Logistics Department of the Army General Staff.

He has attended the 125th General Staff Course and the Advanced Command and Staff Course at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in Shrivenham (UK).

Graduated in Strategic Sciences, he received a Master's Degree in Strategic Sciences at the University of Turin, and a Master of Arts in Defense Studies at King's College, London.

He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, on 1 July 2016.

He has been married since 1993 with Mrs. Maria and has three children, Costantino  Marco, Andrea and Maria Victoria.


- 168th  Course "Fedeltà" (Military Academy);
- Technical Application Course;
- 39th Helicopter basic skill Pilot Course;
- 39th Helicopter Army Aviation Pilot Course;
- 141st ERI-3 Enabling Course;
- 101st Qu.I.T . Course;
- 77th Tactical Pilot Course;
- 54th Air Rescue Course;
- 125th General Staff Course;
- 7th Advanced Command and Staff Course (UK);
- 102nd NVG Enabling Course;
- 153rd ESC-3 Enabling Course;
- UH90 Enabling Course (NH90).

Served at:

- 1990 -1991, Armored Troops School (Caserta);
- 1991, 231st "Avellino" Infantry Battalion with the assignment of Recruits Platoon Commander;
- 1991-1992, 31st "Andreani" Tank Battalion (Persano) with the assignment of Tank Platoon Commander;
- 1992-1996, Military Academy (Modena) as Cadets Platoon Commander and Officer in charge of the Training and Studies Section;
- 1996-1997, 4th Tank Regiment (Bellinzago Novarese) with the assignment of Company Commander;
- 1997-1999, 20th Army Aviation Group "Andromeda" (Pontecagnano) as of Squadron Commander, Helicopter pilot and S3 Section Officer;
- 2000, Italian Helicopter Group in Bosnia as Chief of S2 and S3 Cells within the "Joint Forge" Mission;
- 1999-2004, Army Aviation Command (Viterbo) as Operations Manager and Section Training Chief;
- 2004-2006, 3rd UK Division - Bulford (GB), with the assignment of SO2 G3/G4 TRG IT;
- 2006-2007, Italian Army General Staff (Rome) with the role of Projects Development Section Staff Officer;
- 2007-2009, Commander of the 25th Army Aviation Group "Cigno" of the 7th "Vega" Regiment in Rimini;
- 2008-2009, Commander of the Helicopter Task Force "Ercole" of the MNBW (Multinational Brigade West) in Kosovo;
- 2009-2011, Defense General Staff (Rome) with the position of Head of the Knowledge Section of the Development Office of the Defense Innovation Center at the 3rd Department;
- 2011-2013, Commander of the 7th Army Aviation Regiment "Vega" based at the "Giannetto Vassura" airport in Rimini;
2013-2017, Army General Staff (Rome) with the position of Head of Logistic Coordination Office at the 4th  Logistics Department.


- Italian Commemorative Cross for Operations in Bosnia;
- Mauriziana Medal of merit for fifty years of military career;
- NATO Commemorative Cross for Afghanistan;
- Italian Commemorative Cross for Afghanistan;
- Military Medal of long Air Navigation (gold);
- Meritorious Medal for long time command (15 years);
- Italian Army Meritorious Gold Cross;
- Second Degree Multinational Cooperation Medal (Republic of Slovenia);
- NATO Commemorative Cross for Peace Missions;
- NATO Commemorative Cross for Kosovo;
- Italian Commemorative Cross for Kosovo;
- Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.



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