General Miller encourages Afghan forces in Ghazni

General Austin Scott Miller together with Provincial Governor Wahidullah Kalimzai in the streets of Ghazni
22 Nov 2018


General Austin Scott Miller, commander Resolute Support Mission and United States Forces - Afghanistan visited the capital of Ghazni province Nov. 21, 2018, amidst ongoing operations of Afghan and coalition forces to repel insurgents.


His visit followed a deadly attack that had struck Kabul the day before, where more than 50 people were killed during a gathering of religious dignitaries.

"This attack is intolerable. It is not the action of people that want peace,” Miller said.

"We are pursuing a political peaceful settlement, but as we work our way through a political and peaceful settlement, we also defend ourselves and fight to reduce security threats to the Afghan people,” he added.

Gen. Miller also reiterated the US and NATO’s commitment to further train, advise and assist Afghan forces in their efforts to stabilize their country. 


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