Ghorak District in Kandahar Retaken by Afghan Forces

Commander of 205th Corps, Maj. Gen. Eman Nazar, greets soldiers at Ghorak District Center after successful ANDSF operations to secure the center from Taliban control.
16 Oct 2017
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The Afghan National Defence and Security Forces retook the district of Ghorak in Kandahar Province this week, securing a significant population from Taliban control.

Ghorak district is a significant win for the ANDSF after being under Taliban control for approximately 11 months. The district was a key transportation and facilitation route for the Taliban.

"The constantly increasing professionalism, capability and strength of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces was on full display during the mission to secure the citizens of Ghorak,” said General John Nicholson, commander Resolute Support. "Operations like these prove that the Taliban cannot win and their only choice is to reconcile”.

The ANDSF are leading the fight and Resolute Support congratulates them on continuing to build toward a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.


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