Elite Afghan Commandos graduate from Special Forces Qualification Course

Afghan National Army Special Forces Command leaders gathered at Camp Julien to congratulate the 114 Afghan special operations soldiers that graduated from the 19th Special Forces Qualification Course, Nov. 8, 2017. The Special Forces provide special reconnaissance and direct action capability to the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Sean Carnes)
8 Nov 2017

KABUL, Afghanistan - The Afghan National Army graduated 114 new Commandos from its Special Forces Qualification Course here Wednesday.

 The graduation marks the Commandos' passage into the Afghan Army's most elite offensive unit.  The skills they mastered enable them to conduct offensive operations against insurgents including the Taliban and Daesh.

 "We are seeing so many positive results from the successes of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, such as the recent retaking of the Ghorak District Center," said Swedish Navy Captain Jan Dunmurray, Resolute Support spokesperson. "Now Afghan families are returning home there to restart their lives in peace."

 President Ashraf Ghani announced in August the expansion of the Special Operations Command from a division to a corps, a crucial step in his commitment to nearly double the number of elite Commandos. Citing the warriors' record at defeating terrorists, the president is personally overseeing the unit's growth - which positively impacts multiple ministries, the military and special police units. The number of Commandos will rise by 4,000 by the summer of 2018.

 To date, the Special Forces have never lost a battle. Together with the Afghan Air Force's significant improvements, these highly trained troops contribute key capabilities in enabling Afghan forces to protect Afghanistan.

 "The Taliban have two choices," Dunmurray said. "To reconcile, or be defeated by the legitimate ANDSF."


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