Securing Afghanistan's future: Basic warrior training in Kabul

Photos by U.S. Army Captain Jonathan Leigh
15 Apr 2019
Another platoon of Afghan troops recently completed basic warrior training at the Kabul Military Training Center outside the Afghan capital. 12-week-courses are implemented by the Afghan National Army's Unified Training, Education and Doctrine Command, UTED-C. Resolute Support's Force Development Branch provides advice and assistance. NATO remains committed to provide the Afghan National Army with the best qualified and well trained soldiers and leaders, capable of ensuring Afghanistan's security. Training programs range from basic warrior training all the way up to unit leader, non-commissioned officer, officer, and command and staff level courses. Thus we protect our homelands. Afghanistan must never again become a safe haven for terrorists. 

 Afghan National Army junior officers are trained in tactics and operational planning at the Afghan National Army's Infantry Branch School at the Kabul Military Training Center outside Kabul, Afghanistan.
Text and photos by U.S. Army Captain Jonathan Leigh.


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