Afghan soldiers conclude counter explosives training

Italian advisors explain tactics, technics and procedures to counter explosive devices
12 Jan 2019
Improvised explosive devices remain one of the biggest threats for security forces as well as civilians in Afghanistan. This is why NATO provides Counter Improvised Explosives Devise (C-IED) awareness training to Afghan troops. Last week, 19 Afghan soldiers concluded a C-IED course in Camp Arena, Herat province.

‘I´m very happy that I´m attending this course. After this course I will go to my unit and I will definetely share all the training I got here with other guys who are in my unit,’ says 1st Lt. Mohammad Baqer, commander for Road Clearance Company, 4th Kandak, 1st Brigade, 207th Corps in Herat Province. Baqer is one of the Afghan soldiers who received their training from Italian and American instructors of NATOs Train, Advise, Assist Command West (TAAC-W) in Herat. The course lasted three weeks.

It focused on the different types of IED and constantly evolving tactics, techniques and procedures. The course also aimed to train the trainers of the future, thus Afghan soldiers carrying their knowledge further to their units. 

The aim of this course is to let the Afghan soldiers have autonomy on the training. They are starting to understand from the first basic course for the counter IED what is the topic and what is the threat. After that they have to start to train their unit in complete autonomy, says 1st Lieutenant Giuseppe Vene, C-IED staff officer and trainer with the Italian Army.

‘Everytime when we go on a mission, especially on duty to different districts of different provinces in Afghanistan we see and we face a lot of IEDs. So that means nowadays that the enemies are using a lot of IEDs to try to affect the Afghan National Army and other government agencies,’ says Baqer. 

The Afghan National Defence and Security Forces are proud to attend this kind of courses, they understand the real threat of IEDs in Afghanistan.’ says Vene.

NATO remains committed to help Afghans in paving their way towards a political settlement of the conflict.

Italian advisors train Afghan how to detect IED
 Italian advisors train Afghan how to detect IED
 Italian advisors and Afghan soldiers during a practical exercise
 Italian advisors and Afghan soldiers during a practical exercise


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