Afghan Special Operations, 207th Corps take fight to Taliban in Shindad

Afghan commandos ready their weapons for offensive operations in Shindad district. Afghan Special Operations Forces and the Afghan National Army's 207th Corps inflicted significant damage on the Taliban network in the area Nov. 20 as part of a campaign that will see sustained pressure on the enemy throughout the winter.
26 Nov 2017

HERAT PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Afghan Special Operations Forces, working with the Afghan National Army's 207th Corps and special police units, inflicted significant damage on the Taliban network in Shindad district, Herat province, Afghanistan, Nov. 14-20.

Afghan commandos, from the 4th and 9th Special Operations Kandak, partnered with the 207th Corps for a number of offensive operations, which resulted in the removal of nearly 50 Taliban fighters from their sanctuaries and the capture of several weapons caches.

"The operation was aimed to eliminate the militant hideouts under the leadership of Mullah Najeebullah, Taliban’s shadow district chief, including by air attacks,” said Jilani Farhad, the Herat governor’s spokesman. "Several commanders, including Mullah Samad, were killed.”

The 207th Corps supported the Afghan SOF operation by established blocking positions to isolate the target areas, keeping Taliban reinforcements from arriving or escaping and allowing the SOF freedom of maneuver during the late stages of the operation. This cooperative effort illustrates both the will and ability of the Afghan National Army to continue conducting offensive operations much later than usual in the traditional Afghan fighting season.

This operation in Shindad signals the beginning of a campaign designed to sustain pressure on the enemy throughout the winter.

"The difference between us and the Taliban is we are well trained and abide by the law,” said Lt. Col. Sepah Fardeen, 9th SOK commander. "The Taliban is irresponsible, they do not follow religious rules, and only want to harm people.”

NATO Resolute Support Mission's train, advise, assist approach is helping to build resilience and capacity in Afghan military and police forces, by enabling Afghan leaders to improve fighting capabilities and conduct increasingly effective combat operations, independent of direct coalition support.


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