ANA personnel graduate 13-week training for budget, finance

(Resolute Support photo by Capt. Andrea Dykes, USAF) By Deirdre Spaulding, EF1 Financial Manager/Instructor
9 Jun 2016
KABUL, Afghanistan (June 9, 2016) — Personnel from the Afghan National Army graduated from a budget training course conducted by the Essential Function 1 Ministry of Defense – Finance Advisors at Resolute Support headquarters here.

The students attended training twice a week for 13 weeks to learn budget and finance concepts and processes, commitment letters, contract carry-over, old bills, chart of accounts, PBAC, budget circulars 1 and 2, among other topics.

On the first day of class, students were given a test to evaluate their current knowledge of budgeting, finance and other related Afghanistan budget policy and procedures. A mid-term and final assessment were also given to monitor the progress of each student. An overall score of 80 percent or higher was needed to graduate from the class.

The students were encouraged to think critically, solve problems, ask questions, and share experiences, all of which would help empower them with the self-confidence needed to perform in the budget area of responsibility. Rather than just lecturing them, the students interacted in the classroom, thus sharing and shaping their learning environment. EF1 instructors also introduced the junior officers to the train-the-trainer concept, explaining the importance of taking the knowledge they’ve learned back to share with and train their counterparts.

Eight ANA officers passed the class with a 90 percent or higher score, which showed the dedication and drive these ANA budget officers have in improving themselves and honoring their country. Following the tradition of many military schools, the class named a distinguished graduate: an award presented to the graduate whose character and distinguished service best represents the qualities and values of "duty, honor and commitment” for which the militaries of all Resolute Support partner nations strive. Capt. Naqeebullah Wakman embodied all of these traits and was selected for the honor.

Maj. Gen. Qadir "Ashna,” director of MOD-F, conveyed his profound appreciation and support of the graduating class to Brig. Gen. Willard M. Burleson, deputy advisor to MOD. Ashna stated the importance of graduating these ANA officers and noted that many of the graduates will receive promotions, along with reassignments to positions of more responsibility.

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