TAAC Capital Commander

BG Ahmet Yaşar DENER (TUR)

BG Ahmet Yaşar DENER was born in 1972,in Akşehir, Turkey. He graduated from Kuleli Military High School in 1990 and from the Turkish Military Academy in 1994.

Following graduation from Infantry School in 1995, he served as a Platoon Commander, Company Commander,and Staff Officer in various Turkish Land Forces (TLF) units until 2011.

In 2005, he deployed to Kosovo as a Company Commander and Military Police Chief. He served as a Motorized Battalion Commanderfrom 2011-2013. In 2013, BG DENER was assigned to Ankara as a strategic Staff Officer in TLF Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), where he served as the Centers of Excellence Project Office Commander.

On 2 March 2020, BG DENER was assigned to Afghanistan, to serve as Commander, TAAC-Capital.

BG DENER’s awards include the NATO Medal for his service in Kosovo, as well as 12 other decorations for his service in various Turkish Land Forces assignments.

His assignment history is as follows:

•1995-1997 Border Platoon Commander

•2002-2004 Company Commander

•2005-2006 Company Commander and MP Chief(Kosovo)

•2009-2011 Staff Officer

•2011-2013 Battalion Commander

•2013-2020 Staff Officer, TLF TRADOC

BG DENER has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Selçuk University(2007). He is married and has two children.


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