Commander of Hamid Karzai International Airport

Brig. Gen. Hasan Hüseyin Kanbur (TUR)

Brigadier General Hasan Hüseyin Kanbur is responsible to the commander of Resolute Support for operational efficiency, security and readiness of HKIA APOD and associated NATO real estate and facilities. Commander HKIA provides control and coordination of military airoperation at HKIA along with airport services to include passenger and cargo operations, while providing for the defense and support of theNATO installation. BG Kanbur graduatedfrom Kuleli Military High School in 1983 and continued his education at theTurkishAirForce Academy. Upon completion of his training there, hegraduated as a second lieutenant on 30 August, 1987. BG Kanbur became a Communications InformationSystems (CIS) officer after he completed his training at Air Force Technical Training Academy Command. After completing Weapon System Officer Training at 1st Air Force Base /Eskişehir in 1990, he has flown 2600 hours of F-4 Phantom aircraft. BG Kanburismarried to Mrs. Ayşen Kanburand has a daughter and a son.


1983 KuleliMilitary High School, İstanbul

1987 Bachelor of Electric and Electronics Engineering,Turkish Air Force Academy,İstanbul 

1990 Weapon System Officer Training, 1’stAirForce Base /Eskişehir

2007 Commandership and Staff Officer Training, Turkish Air ForceAcademy, İstanbul


1989-1990 Communications Information Systems (CIS) Officer, at 6’th AirForce Base /Bandırma

1990-1994 Weapon System Officer, 7’th Air ForceBase /Malatya

1994-1998 Wingman, 1’st Air Force Base/Eskişehir

1998-2001 Project Officer,OperationDrill Department, Turkish Air Force Headquarters,Ankara

2001-2005 Air PlanOfficer, Turkish General Staff Headquarters, Ankara

2005-2007 Project Officer, Operation DrillDepartment, Turkish Air Force Headquarters,Ankara

2008 Chief of Planningand Principles, NATO Headquarters,Baghdad-Iraq

2007-2011 Chief of Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Defense, Ankara

2011-2015Base Commander,Milas Air Base, Muğla

2015-2016 Assesment andInspection Secretary,Turkish Air Force Headquarters, Ankara

2016-2018Base Commander, 7’th Air Force Base /Malatya

2018 June – Present, Commander of Hamid KarzaiInternational Airport (HKIA)


1991 Operation Ribbon

1992 Operation Ribbon

1996 Shooting Ribbon

1998 Distinguished Service Ribbon

2001 Senior Weapon System Officer Badge

2009 Overseas Service Ribbon (NTM-I, Baghdad-Iraq)

2012 Battalion CommandRibbon (1 Star)

2013 Internal Security Service Ribbon

2016 Battalion CommandRibbon (2 Stars)


Second Lieutenant, 30 August 1987

First Lieutenant, 30 August 1990

Captain, 30 August 1996

Major, 30 August 2001

Lieutenant Colonel, 30 August 2006

Colonel, 30August 2009

Brigadier General, 2018


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