Commander of Hamid Karzai International Airport

Brig. Gen. Murat Selçuk ÇOL (TUR)

Commander of Hamid Karzai International AirportBrig. Gen. Murat Selçuk ÇOL is responsible to the Resolute Support commander for operational efficiency, security and readiness of HKIA APOD and associated NATO real estate and facilities. He provides control and coordination of military air operation at HKIA along with airport debarkation services to include passenger and cargo operations, while providing for the defense and support of the NATO installation.
ÇOL graduated from Kuleli Military High School in 1982 and continued his education at the Turkish Air Force Academy. Upon completion of his training there, he graduated as a second lieutenant Aug. 30, 1986.
He became a communications information systems officer after he completed his training at Air Force Technical Training Academy Command.
1982 Kuleli Military High School, İstanbul
1986 Bachelor of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Turkish Air Force Academy, İstanbul
1987 Air Force Technical Training Academy, Izmir
2000 Company Commander Orientation Course, İzmir
2001 Battalion Commander Orientation Course, İzmir
2006 NATO Response Force (NRF) Training, İzmir
2009 National Security Course, İzmir
2011 Wing Commander Orientation Course, İzmir
2015 Senior Manager Orientation Course, İstanbul
1988 - 1993 Communications Information Systems (CIS) Officer at Air Radar Site Command, Lüleburgaz
1993 - 1996 CIS Platoon Commander at Air Defense Notification Centre (ADNC) in Esenboğa International Airport, Ankara
1996 - 1999 Air Plan Officer at Plans and Policies Division (J5) in Turkish General Staff Headquarters, Ankara
1999 - 2000 Air Plan Officer at CIS (A6) Division in Turkish Air Force Headquarters, Ankara
2000 - 2001 CIS Company Commander in CIS Battalion in 7th Main Air Base Command, Malatya
2001 - 2005 CIS Battalion Commander in 7th Main Air Base Command, Malatya
2005 - 2011 A6 Deputy Division Head and CIS Management Branch Head at CIS Division in NATO Air Command (AC İzmir), İzmir
2011 - 2012 Base Support Group Commander in Air Force Technical Training Academy, İzmir
2012 - 2016 Base Commander, Dalaman Air Base, Muğla
2016 September – Present, Commander of Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) 2
Company and Battalion Command Ribbon
Distinguished Unit Training Medal (2 Star)
Air Force Distinguished Service Ribbon
Administrative and Logistics Service Ribbon (4 Star)
Counter Terrorism Service Medal
NATO Operation Unified Protector (OUP) Medal (Libya)
Wing Command Badge (3 Stars)
Air Force Distinguished Service Ribbon (Twice)
Second Lieutenant August 30, 1986
First Lieutenant August 30, 1989
Captain August 30, 1995
Major August 30, 2001
Lieutenant Colonel August 30, 2005
Colonel August 30, 2008
Brigadier General August 30, 2016

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